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Vegan EcoVillage

We are building a world where kindness is the norm, where half the world is preserved for nature, and humans are a part of a thriving ecosystem

You are in the right place

You understand the stakes and you want to change the world for the  better. You understand that climate change could be stopped if we all just move to a plant-based diet based upon compassion, and allow the natural grasslands and forests to return.

We need to build tangible places for people to experiencea vegan lifestyle in the real world and not just talk about it onilne.

We must find ways to purchase land and grow communities where vegan living is the norm.

Together we can build a better world for all. It’s not too late.

Connect with others who want to Build a new Vegan World

Help us end the 6th extinction before the wild species are completely decimated. Together we can!

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