A Vegan Ecovillage as a Beacon of Hope

What is the purpose of a Vegan Ecovillage? Is it just to have a place to live where we don’t have to deal with meat eaters?

I think it could be a haven for humans and animals and also a beacon of hope for others to visit and experience a new type of society.

There will be members who live there full time and people who want to come for varying amounts of time each year for retreats and group projects.

Once the money is raised, a group could be formed to decide where to buy the land and the structure could work as a sociocracy.

This is an opportunity to think differently. Instead of trying to fit a vegan structure into the old decaying system, we will build a new vegan world from scratch starting with a few acres at a time.

This is not a back-to-the-land and suffering mentality focused on working in poverty or puritanical misery. This will be a high-tech eco-village with lots of resources and time to create.

I picture having lucrative businesses and not only relying on selling veggies or the traditional methods of driving a tractor for low pay etc.

Right now there isn’t any place that is a vegan refuge for humans. There are farm animal sanctuaries that are vegan and many family farms, but they are not set up for taking in very many humans who need to escape the old system.

We need to make being vegan the default mode of being for humans. Right now it is impossible to be truly vegan for most of us. Most of us have to partake of a system that deliberately harms animals and nature for profit.

Unless you are growing all of your own food you have to buy food in stores that support animal torture. There are many hidden abuses of animals and farm laborers that vegans have to support on a daily basis in the present culture.

As a vegan, you are forced to eat food that has used farmed animal manure from slave animals held against their will. This is what organic farms have to do to survive and make a profit.

It would be nice to have a place, or one of many places, that were economically self-sustaining, off-grid, and separate from the present economy that is based on animal abuse.

What we need is truly openly vegan spaces. These will be zones where vegan ideals are at the forefront instead of just some rare secondary consideration.

Right now vegan activists spend all of their energy trying to change a whole culture and pass laws to stop animal abuse. This is like trying to turn the Titanic. We need to put more of our resources into building something better. We need to leave a legacy for the next generation, a foundation for them to build upon.


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