Why We need a Vegan Eco Village

These are my initial thoughts. I just wanted to get something up.

The purpose of this project is to form an initial group of people who want to move to a vegan intentional community and/or start a Vegan Land Trust to raise money for the first parcel of land to start an Eco Village that is truly vegan and to build a new vegan economy.

We can do this by using the principles of Vegan World 2026 and adapting some of the Venus Project and Thrive ideals with a vegan focus, to build a new financial structure separate from the mainstream mentality.

Let’s talk about ideas about how we would like to run a vegan eco-village. Do we want a haven that is safe from the violence of animal agriculture? Do we want a sanctuary? Do we want to be a beacon of hope?

Transitioning to a new lifestyle

The first Vegan Ecovillage location will be probably in the continental USA for this particular grouping, so people can easily get to and from it while we are in transition, not in some far-off location in some other country that you have to fly to.

So many communities are forming in locations where land is cheap but there are few jobs or income opportunities in these places, and they are inaccessible to average people and exclude anyone who is not wealthy.

I expect that people will need to transition to living in the village full time and will still need to go maintain jobs elsewhere while we build. This cannot be easily done when you have to fly to Indonesia or South America every few months.

Once we develop a wealth-based we can send groups of people to other countries to build more ecovillages but at first, we need to be as local as possible.

We want it to be as accessible as possible to all economic classes and we want to provide jobs we can do when we land there.

Possible locations

The first site could be located in a state like Missouri near Dancing Rabbit eco village because we would have the support of similar (though not vegan) successful communities. Missouri has lenient zoning laws for the types of structures that can be built there. This is just one suggestion.


Housing could start out as tiny houses, converted school buses, or RVs and later we could build cobb and earthen structures and other sustainable housing.

We will also build a conference center and other communal buildings for vegan events.

Funding will go to purchase the land, building the infrastructure, digging wells, irrigation systems, buildings, solar power, growing food and purchasing tools, and farm implements, and start businesses we will run from the village.

Transitional period

We would probably still be living elsewhere and coming to the land on a rotational basis for a month or two at a time to build the housing and starting the food forest crops, year-round greenhouses, and collaborating to put together remote businesses that could be moved to the village permanently when we have the finances stabilized with the new business structure.

How would we generate income?

Read about vegan wealth ideas. Being in harmony with nature doesn’t have to mean being “poor”. or only subsisting on vegetable farming.

What will our days look like once we move to the Vegan Eco Village?

Animal agriculture is robbing us of valuable resources. What would society look like with more resources, time, and energy for creativity?

Using technology in a responsible way

Let’s talk about technology and how to integrate it more naturally into our lives. Read more


To build tangible physical places that are totally vegan.


Helping to bring about a new paradigm in the world where cruelty is not the default.


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