The new Vegan Wealth Economy

Financing a Vegan Ecovillage Community

The vegan eco-village could be community-owned and run cooperatively with its own economy using and adapting an economic structure similar to other communities like this.

Many ecologically minded communities are wealth averse. But it would be nice to have resources to support more people to leave the old structure and move into vegan communities.

We will come up with a legal structure so that all members have access to communal wealth and can keep their own private wealth separate if they want to.

Cohousing communities and eco-village communities and other groups around the world have already developed these structures for us to adapt.

The idea is to transition out of jobs that feed the usual structure and start our own companies that are self-sustaining and are outside the dominant culture.

Ideas Generating Money

One of the biggest hurdles for alternative communities is money. This seems to be one of the reasons many communities break up.

People cannot generate enough income to pay the yearly taxes, repairs, and have decent tools and supplies, and resources. So they end up going back to their old urban lives.

If we had stimulating interesting work besides growing food and homesteading people could thrive. Many homesteaders spend so much time and energy on rasing and paying for food to raise animals to kill. Rasing food does not need to take up a lot of time for a vegan community. We could have a variety of work rather than just relying on selling produce for local sales. Though this could be a part of what we do it doesnt have to be the only thing we do.

We could start remote businesses like:

  • Freelance writing
  • Create a motion graphics studio
  • coding, and web design
  • Start a vegan web hosting company
  • SEO site audits
  • 3D design and printing services
  • Creating courses on vegan topics and whatever other skills we have to teach remotely.
  • Giving workshops at the village to educate people on vegan cooking, lifestyle skills, off-grid skills, vegan regenerative farming, etc.

The idea is to bring all of our skills to the table to start companies to grow vegan wealth. I am sure you have amazing skills that could be used to build a business, especially if you have the support and collaboration of other vegan business builders.

Perhaps there is a school bus conversion business that buys up used diesel buses and converts them to veggie-oil off-grid homes for vegans to use while still working at their jobs while transitioning to moving to an eco-village.

People could save on rent or sell their homes and move into these tiny homes on wheels while they start divesting from the slave-animal based system. The money they would be saving could be invested in their new Vegan Eco Village instead of paying for housing.

Perhaps there is a Vegan Banking System to finance these bus homes for people who want to get out of the old financial system. For 10 or 20k they could have a permanent home on wheels through our vegan financing company.

Growing our own vegan food sources without using factory-farmed animal manure the way organic farms do. Vegan Regenerative Agriculture using permaculture food forest principles and humanure.

Systems are already in place in other communities for sharing community work in a fair way and these structures can be adapted to our needs.

Use of humanure toilets to recycle all of our waste and teaching others how to do this.

Create a farm animal sanctuary to rescue formerly farmed animals and starting a nonprofit folded into the whole.

Creation of a Vegan Seed Library to preserve seeds and sell truly vegan seeds. I don’t know of any seed company that claims to have pesticide-free non-GMO vegan seeds.

We will not be supporting the organic label or paying into that system because organic standards have been bastardized and compromised and support the slave animal system of farming.

Starting a new Vegan Food Grading System separate from and beyond the certified organic label and beyond any regenerative farming label that some groups are suggesting.

What types of work or businesses would you like to see in your new vegan city or town?

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