Using technology in a responsible way

Since we are building a new vegan world let’s think about what we want.

Perhaps there are internet-free-zones, and we go to the tech center to use the internet or we find safer ways to use the internet without relying on wireless tech.

Perhaps there is a center dedicated to researching cleaner ways to run businesses or to help businesses retool to be vegan and non-toxic similar to Cradle to Cradle Institute but with a vegan mandate at the center.

Perhaps we have a green powerhouse on-site to generate sustainable algae-based energy and other green technology that helps sequester carbon and have loans or resources available for businesses to purchase this technology and convert to green power.

Right now we are expected to just somehow make changes in laws by individual effort and somehow magically transform society individually. Again this is very much like trying to turn the Titanic all by yourself.

People are protesting and rescuing farm animals and going to jail. This is very noble, but this is taking too long, and it is not offering alternative jobs to the factory workers they are protesting against.

Until factory farm workers and the administrators who are the cogs in that system see actual alternatives to these jobs, people will continue working for these companies and we will not make progress fast enough.

If we supply a new structure and new job choices many people will be happy to leave these old structures.

Right now there are not a lot of alternatives or choices for people who need to make a living. By making new choices we can weaken the old system. People need to see that there is another way to live. Once they see it the old system will weaken.

When people see thriving vegan communities it will spark their subconscious imagination faster and make them see that normalized compassion is a possibility.

Right now we are speaking from within the system of normalized violence as separate individuals alone in our pursuit of something that looks intangible.

Also, there is no support for vegan people to get out of the old structure. There is no place for them to go that is truly vegan and self-sustaining without tapping into the structure that is killing everything.

I propose that instead of spending so much time and energy trying to get the old structure to change we build a new structure and invite people to leave the old structure and move into the new vegan culture or to at least visit and see what it is like to be someplace that isn’t founded on violence.

Most regenerative farms, eco-village communities, and homesteading groups still base their livelihoods on abusing animals for profit. This would be a gentle way of demonstrating that enslavement and hierarchy are not necessary to thrive.

Instead of working for companies that do not have any vegan focus we can come together and form new companies and living spaces that are focused on veganism, compassion, and humane sustainable ideals.

Instead of only trying to fight huge corporations to get them to stop doing what they are doing we can build places so people can see that they don’t have to stay in that system.

This means setting up a system where everyone has food and shelter and support and where all businesses are run in a way that does not abuse the natural world for profit.

How would you like to see technology used in the world for good?

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