Work-Life Balance in a Vegan world

what will our days look like once we move to the vegan eco village?

Living closer to nature. Spend 2 or 3 hours per day on communal chores: building the village, growing food, tending rescued farm animals and spend the rest of the time doing creative tasks, relaxing, healing, developing businesses and vegan structures for governing and generating wealth to buy more land and build more vegan spaces to rescue more humans, more natural environments, and more farm animals.

Healthy work-life balance

This will be a place where we will cultivate a sane work-life balance and learn to give up puritanical ideas about work. By using technology in an intelligent way we will make sure there are no underlings who do all the hard labor.

We will set up a system where we don’t have to overwork ourselves just to survive. We can do this if we are cognizant of bullshit jobs, unfair hierarchies, and a tendency toward a false, archaic, puritanical mindset.

We will keep as much wild land as possible within the village and starting or supporting a Vegan Land Trust to buy forests and wild areas to preserve them under a new vegan mandate, creating a structure so that vegan lands stay vegan forever.

Forming a self-sustaining Vegan Currency separate from the mainstream for trade in our own villages across the country and eventually across the world.

The goal is to be free of the old system that uses a currency that is steeped in the blood of animals, nature, and the labor class of humans who hold it all up.

Giving workshops on Sustainable Vegan Homesteading and on how to start vegan businesses that don’t feed the system of abuse.

Vegan Credit Union and a Vegan Investment Firm to support vegan businesses and give loans to vegan companies and individuals.

Vegan Retreat Center folded into the whole, with jobs for massage therapists, pilates and yoga instructors, meditation teachers, and other modalities. Perhaps a massage school or yoga certification program etc.

Perhaps a campus for vegan studies and certifications. A Walldorf style Vegan School for Kids.

A vegan health center with naturopathic, ayurvedic, and Chinese medicine and other natural modalities.

Perhaps a plant-based health center like True North to help people transition to a vegan diet and heal chronic lifestyle diseases. But also focused on teaching compassion and not just self-absorption about healing the body. Many “plant-based” programs don’t make the connection between the lack of compassion and animal abuse and the human disease system.

Perhaps we will create a vegan healthy convenience food company.

The idea is to come up with as many types of businesses as possible so that everyone can use their skills and experience to build wealth for a vegan world.

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